Transparency Update 2021

The past several years we’ve published transparency updates here on our blog. 

Last year was a challenging and chaotic one. Many of our plans shifted or were put on hold. Our primary focus was to adapt to the changing world, carefully producing and releasing our collections. While we had been releasing a few larger collections each year, we adjusted to a small, more frequent production schedule. This allowed our factories to have more consistent work for their employees, helped us to reduce waste by producing even smaller collections, lighter loads for shipments, and a little more options for our customers.

Moving forward, here are some improvements that are on our minds: 

1. Continue to use digital printing. We’ve been pleased with the results and appreciate that this printing method using non-toxic dyes and no water. We’ve worked with our factories to better estimate the amount of fabric needed so we can print only exactly what we need. We’d love to explore additional fabric options that are more eco-friendly & sustainable and can be printed using this method. 

2. Eliminate plastic from the garments. This was on our list last year, but was pushed back as we adjusted amidst covid-19. Our garments currently are wrapped in plastic because shipping regulations require some kind of protection around the garments in transit from Bali to us, but we’re conversing with other business owners and taking your incredible suggestions into consideration and making a new plan. We’ll be sure to share more once a solution is in place! 

3. Continue to reduce our waste. Digital printing has allowed us to make just as much fabric as we need. We do regular fabric audits with our factory to keep inventory of any excess yardage and scraps and repurpose them into additional products - like our sarongs, scrunchies, scarves, and even pantai shorts! We can continue to refind this process. We also will continue to offer our seconds sales to give damaged (and repaired) garments a home to keep them from landfills. 

As a small company (with just 1 full-time employee!) sometimes these changes can be slow as we do our best to juggle the many moving parts, but we have big dreams and hopes, and we know that we can continue to improve. We appreciate your support and encouragement, and the pushes to do more. 

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