Sustainability tips for all stages of life

There have been seasons of my life where my desires for change and my abilities don’t quite line up - and I imagine there are a lot of other people out there who have felt a similar way! So this month while there are lists and blogs and posts all about Earth Day and sustainability, we wanted to put together something a little different: a guide to small sustainability steps for every stage of life.

(Note: we realize everyone’s paths take them on a different trajectory, so generalizations are hard! So this of course is a loose, general guide meant to show that change can be incremental. Don’t feel pressure to do all the things all at once!)

As a college student with limited funds and access
- Reusable tote bags for shopping
- Carpooling / purchasing groceries in bulk with friends/roommates
- Reusable water bottle

As a young professional
- Investing in a reusable to-go utensils + eating set
- Investing in long-term purchases over trends
- Focusing on good reusing, recycling, and upcycling habits

As a parent or when life is chaotic
- Shopping second hand for changing bodies (yours and kids!)
- Eliminate junk mail by taking the time to remove yourself from mailing lists
- Be conscious about your kids’ exposure to consumerism

When life is a little more settled
- Microplastic filter for washing machine
- Hang drying clothes whenever possible
- Shopping from local or ethical + sustainable brands

We realize this list is only a handful of possible ways to make small changes - but we encourage you to take a look at your life and decide what you can handle and where you can make changes. When you make incremental changes over time, it really does make an impact! What are some small changes you’ve made in your life? Tell us more in the comments below!


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