Seven Years

Have you ever made a decision that was a turning point for your life moving forward? Well this was one of those decisions for me, and it wasn't like this was even that big of a deal at the time. It was completely in my nature to pack up and go if I felt convicted to do so. Two years prior to this I had sold everything I owned to travel the world, so moving to Bali wasn't abnormal. What made this such a life defining decision were the relationships I would make during this trip, the lessons I would learn, and the business I would start that would take me from being a live in nanny to a full time fashion designer.

When I received a scholarship to study abroad anywhere in the world I chose to go to Bali, Indonesia because I had developed such a strong connection to its culture and its people after many surf trips to the island. While I was living there I coincidently became friends with a local seamstress and decided that this was my chance to create a product I loved and to do it the right way. So I went to work designing my first style: our Pantai Short.

I spent the next six months learning the manufacturing process and my boyfriend (now husband!) drove me around everywhere on the back of his motorbike looking for fabrics, suppliers, places to make hang tags, EVERYTHING I needed to start a brand! 

When it was time to move back home to Hawai'i I brought my new Pantai shorts with me and was so excited to finally share my love for design, my island home in Hawai'i, and my second home in Bali with the world. To my surprise, everything sold out within a few months and YIREH was truly born.

Today YIREH is a community of over 30,000 women who are conscious consumers and care about humanity and the planet! We partner with ethical manufacturers and print our fabrics sustainably inviting our customers to vote with their dollar and use their purchasing power for good! 

We’ve grown a lot in the past 7 years. Through it all, creating responsibly has been incredibly important to us and we’re happy to report back that we’ve stayed true to those values. 

We work with two WOC owned factories where workers are paid fair wages, provided paid leave and benefits, and work in safe conditions. We visit our factories as frequently as we can and have personal relationships with many of the artisans. As we continue to grow (thanks to all of you!) we will remain true to this commitment and continue to make changes to our process and improve as we go. 

We truly believe YOU make our clothing beautiful, and we are so happy to have you here! If you have any questions or want to chat with me personally DM me on Instagram.


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