Conscious Consumerism

One of our core values is our commitment to creating with intention. We produce thoughtfully in small batches with ethical factories and do our best to avoid creating a “sales” culture of constantly discounted goods. We participate and encourage conscious consumerism.

Conscious consumerism begins with reducing consumption. Instead of purchasing mindlessly, for entertainment, or in reaction to ways we are feeling, conscious consumerism would have us first pause - to slow down on our purchases and approach them more thoughtfully. 

The next step of conscious consumerism is to research before consumption. This would include learning more about brand values and processes, evaluating options, and making decisions that are best for you. 

The main goal of conscious consumerism is to make intentional purchasing decisions that can have a positive impact (socially, economically, or environmentally). Not everyone has the means or access to products to make complete changes as a consumer. You can only do what you’re able to do - and that’s enough. If you don’t have access to a health food store that carries fair trade brands, you should use what you have access to or shop fresh at your local farmer’s market. If you can’t afford the price tag of your favorite ethical brand, use a secondhand shopping app to try to find it at a lower price or thrift from a local store. There are options! We at YIREH will do our part by encouraging thoughtful purchases, being generous in our advice and policies, and by producing in small, slow batches.

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