We do our best to be thoughtful and intentional in every step of production - and we also realize that this is an ongoing process and journey. We’re committed to regularly evaluating our efforts and making improvements.

Ethically made, socially conscious.
We partner with factories in Bali, Indonesia (a place we love and have been traveling to for about 10 years) that pay fair wages, offer benefits (like paid leave and medical insurance), and provide safe working conditions. We’ve stepped foot in each factory we work with and personally know most of the artisans that make Yireh.

We are currently practicing sustainability by:

Producing only what we need
• A
llowing the factories we partner with to sell our scrap fabric to local businesses who then repurpose them into household items such as rugs and coasters
• R
e-using our prints in new colorways to cut down on waste

• Using Linen fabric throughout our collections
• Saying bye to those little plastic extra button bags, and instead sewing our extra buttons into garment seams
• Using 100% compostable mailers that don’t require a commercial composting facility
• Digital printing using non-toxic Oeko-Tex certified inks (no water is used in this process!)

Our current sustainability goals:

Find a plastic free alternative to wrap and transport individual garments
• Add in more sustainable and eco-friendly fabric options
• Find creative ways to continue to make use of any excess fabrics

Fashion is for everyone
We believe that every person deserves to look and feel good in the skin they’re in. We frequently share customer photos (on Instagram and on Pinterest) to celebrate beautiful women of every color and shape. We have recently made efforts to expand our sizing to be more inclusive and plan to continue in these efforts so that everyone can enjoy Yireh. We’re open to feedback and appreciate the push to improve. If there’s anything on your mind please reach out to us.