Relationships: the cornerstone of YIREH

by Emily Jaime
Relationships: the cornerstone of YIREH

Hey friends, Emily here, designer and owner of YIREH. I started this brand semi-accidentally in 2014. Many of you know that I have been traveling to Bali, Indonesia for the past eight years. I am completely head over heels in love with this part of the world. I've made some of my closest friends to date in Indonesia, I started YIREH in Indonesia, I met my husband in Indonesia, and possibly may have conceived my first child in Indonesia- TMI? Sorry about that, as you may know from my Instagram stories, I'm super open.

Needless to say, the country has captured my heart. YIREH's foundation was built on relationships. I met a family when I was living in Bali in 2013 that were seamstress by trade. My husband (boyfriend at the time), and I became close friends with the entire family. They needed some extra income, and I had some money saved at the time, knew I wanted to start a product based business, but was unsure of what type of product I wanted to make (I was into all of the things). So, after becoming close friends with this family. I decided I would start with a pair of shorts (our super popular Pantai Short), and hire them to sew the shorts for me!

I spent six months building more relationships with fabric suppliers, graphic designers, shop owners, locals, and other manufacturers learning how to start and run a supply chain. Once it was set and ready to go, I moved back to Hawai'i and launched YIREH in February of 2014.

Since then, I have been committed to the idea that humanity always comes before profit. Which means, every person who touches YIREH is entitled to the most basic of human rights. Fair treatment, fair wages, and a safe working environment. Since scaling the business I have made sure that the manufacturers we work with have the same core values. Since I travel to Bali roughly every year, it has been important to me that I sustain the relationships with the artisans making our clothes. I have seen almost every inch of the factories I work with, and personally met most of the workers. I know first had that the factories we work with pay fair wages, receive dental and health benefits, vacation time, sick leave, religious holidays off, unforced overtime pay with a cutoff of how many hours a person can work, and honestly so much more. Each factory is like a small family, and often workers stay for years because of the pleasant conditions.

That being said, the last and possibly most important part of the relationship cycle is YOU. It is important that I keep an active, and transparent relationship with my YIREH community. I read every comment on social media, every DM, and answer every e-mail (if not me personally on e-mail it's one of our awesome staff members!). I take the feedback I receive in the notes of orders seriously, and try my best to give you beautiful souls what it is you want. YIREH is not a one time wear brand, I strive to design pieces that you want to keep and take with you for all of your special moments and memories.

All of that being said, the above was a really hard video for me to film and even harder for me to watch. I'm not the best on camera, I don't always speak in perfect English, I stumble my words, I literally have no makeup on, and I want to say a whole bunch of other negative things, but I'm currently practicing being nice to myself. HOWEVER, it was important for me to put this out there, explain my heart, and once again welcome you into the behind the scenes, and my not so perfect journey. I'm so happy you're here.


(Video by Reefshaw Productions)

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