Reducing Waste

Waste is a serious issue within the fashion industry. Between the cast-offs and by-products of the production process to consumer waste, the fashion industry is a major global polluter.  Each year the average family throws away around 70lbs of clothing and nearly 85% of all textiles that are discarded end up in landfills or are burned. Fast fashion and overconsumption has led to millions of tons of textile waste each year - equivalent to about a garbage truck full per second. The terrifying statistics go on and on.

While we’re certainly not zero-waste or perfect in our process, it is important to us to take steps in the right direction.

In the past couple of years we have made the switch to digital printing (which uses no water and a more consistent product/less waste).

We produce in small batches, creating only what we need to fulfill our wholesale requests and to stock our own website. We very rarely restock any products to avoid ending up with an excess of products we are unable to sell. 

We repurpose any extra fabric into new products - like our scrunchies, scarves, sarongs, and pantai shorts. Sometimes this means we have very limited stock of these items, but we’re able to create something beautiful from every piece of usable yardage.

And finally, any remaining scraps that cannot be used in production are sold for a small fee to local micro businesses who repurpose them into their own products. This helps us keep our fabrics out of landfills and support small local businesses around our factories.

We encourage our customers as consumers to do what they can to reduce waste as well - check our post on crafting an ethical closet for tips on making what you own last. 

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