Moving Forward with Passion

If you were ever told you couldn’t do something because of your race, gender, age, socioeconomic status, or anything in’s a word from a Latina woman, with 2 kids, who didn’t finish college, has been told over and over she wasn’t enough, and started with $60 in her bank account. YOU CAN DO IT! And I’m in your corner cheering you on.

Passion pays off. You can work yourself to the bone, but the real secret to “success” is passion. Because when you love what you do and there is meaning behind it to you, all of the hardships, setbacks, and hurdles are worth it - and then it makes the wins so much sweeter!

This year has been unlike any other and in so many ways the future feels really uncertain. So as the year comes to a close, we encourage you to let go and to find your passion. Release this year from expectations you may have had, disappointments you experienced, goals that did not come to fruition, or fears that have left you unable to move forward. While we do not know what this next year will bring, and while there may be much outside of our control, we can look for silver linings, for unexpected opportunities, and to embrace beauty amidst the chaos. Embrace your passion!

We hope that in the year to come, you will find what it is that keeps you going and lean in. We hope that this passion keeps you going on hard days, fills you will optimism for the future, and pushes you to try new things. 

Know that there are so many good days ahead. You are strong, resilient, and beautiful. We’re so thankful that you’re here and we’re rooting for you.

With love,
Emily & Team YIREH

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Thank you so much for this inspiring message, it is something that I needed at this moment in my life. I appreciate you and your loving heart.

Rebecca March 29, 2024

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