4 tips for mindful living

by Lauren Bejot
4 tips for mindful living

As a modern woman, the longer our to-do list becomes, we prioritize mindfulness less and less. Until ultimately, we can start to feel the consequences. For me, I feel anxious, lethargic and agitated when I don’t allow myself time alone to breathe, be present and mindful. It’s something I like to call “creating white space.”
But while I value being socially conscious about the world around me, I rarely take time to be conscious about my own state of mind. Who else knows this feeling?

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve seen a few socially conscious women pop up on our stories. They make an effort to buy slow fashion and to value humanity over business. They not only practice mindful shopping, but they practice mindful living regularly.

Shae Burns, Rebecca Tang, Natalie Decleve, and Lex Weinstein talk below about their conscious lifestyle choices, why being mindful is important to them.


Shae Burns, a conscious lifestyle blogger and sustainable fashion advocate at Shae Necessities, shared a vulnerable story with us. Last year, she realized she had severe anxiety and needed to figure out what truly made her happy. In her time of refocusing, she found that slowing down and prioritizing mindfulness made her more confident and content. Shae's tip is to "Find what sets your soul on fire. What makes you, YOU. What brings value to your life?" 

Shae Burns


Natalie, of Natty Style, is a personal stylist and journalist. She believes in living stylish and sustainably. Her socially conscious lifestyle is apparent in her mindful buying practices. She buys from ethical companies, like YIREH, and stays aware and mindful of what she's keeping in her closet. Natalie believes in the Konmari Method from Marie Kondo. Natalie reminds followers to edit their closet constantly, "Only keeping things that you love and keep your closet visible and minimal."


Rebecca Tang is a sustainability maven in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her passion for ethically made clothing shines through her Instagram. She reminds us, “Be kind to yourself when you’re not where you think you should be in life. Whether that’s a fitness goal or dream job. You have to fully own the season that you’re in and don’t compare yourself to those around you, but mindful of what’s happening in your heart.”

Rebecca Tang


Lex Weinstein is a surfer, conscious traveler and guardian of the earth who believes in owning your purchasing power as activism. As she travels the world, she stays mindful about environmental and social change. She encourages her followers to collectively participate in using our purchasing power as a tool for activism to shift culture, social and environmental responsibility. "Use your dollar to support businesses that align with your values to impact change on a global scale."

Do you practice mindful living? How are you living a conscious lifestyle? Comment below and get the conversation started!

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