How I Style My YIREH

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ways to style pieces from A Place in the Sun. I hope this gives you some ideas - have fun and be creative! YIREH is designed to make getting dressed simple. Between versatile silhouettes and bold prints, YIREH is perfect to throw on and go with confidence.

Indah Rose Maxi in Linnea - Style with a bright choker or wood/bamboo/natural jewelry for a fun and summery island look

Nora Playsuit in Starfruit - Sunglasses and delicate gold chains for an easy-going casual look

Willa Mini in Honey - This bold print and the intricate details holds its own and really doesn’t require anything but your body in it

Cleo Dress in Starfruit - Pair with a straw sunhat and layered, delicate jewelry for a vintage inspired look

Indah Rose Maxi in Honey - Pair with a hat, bamboo purse, and hoops for a bright and bold look that will turn heads wherever you go

Compass Jumper in Linnea - The playful and colorful abstract paired with a strong silhouette makes the compass jumper hold its own

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