BTS: Planning a Campaign Photoshoot

Ever wondered what goes on in a photoshoot?

An important step to creating each collection is the campaign photoshoot - we use these images not just for our website, but to tell a story and really inhabit the *feeling* behind the collection.

So much goes on in planning these shoots we thought we'd share our behind the scenes process!

To bring each campaign to life, we first scout locations! We shot our Nueva collection images at the mid-century modern paradise the Liljestrand House. The house is a national and Hawaiian landmark on Mount Tantalus designed by architect Vladimir Ossiproff.

Next up we turn to local agencies to help us pair with models for both our studio and campaign shoots. We love working with all of incredible local talent who bring the feeling of the clothes to life! 

Then comes styling and accessories - we partner with like-minded brands to add just the right touch to complement our new designs. 

And finally comes all the final stages of preparation: steaming the garments, packing snacks, planning out the various shots, trying the clothing on the models, changing outfits and settings, and editing the images once we're all done! From start to finish these shoots take months and seeing it all come to fruition in beautiful images that resonate with our community is a really incredible feeling!

Did we leave out any details you're curious about? Want to know more? Let us know in the comments below.

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