10 ways to connect to your feminine energy

The past year or so, I’ve been focused on tapping into a sense of abundance in my life. While a large part of this mindset has definitely been focused on gratitude and appreciation for what I have, the other part is all about believing in my own worthiness. This means connecting to and believing in the idea that I am worthy and deserving of the things that I am trying to bring into my life. In my own journey, this has translated into me trying to tap into my own inner power & femininity - into what is innate and existing inside of me.

While I’m definitely still a work in progress, here are 10 ways I’ve been working to connect to this feminine energy:

  1. Move your body - Feminine energy is all about movement and flow, so let it loose! Stretch, dance, run - whatever kind of movement you enjoy - just let your body freely move and get that energy flowing.
  2. Feed your senses - Feed yourself a delicious and nurturing meal, listen to moving music, go to an art exhibit, or even just set out some fresh flowers. Make it a habit to connect with what moves you and makes you FEEL. Get out of your head and into your body.
  3. Spend time with other women - Recharge by spending time with women you love. This is an easy one to pair with others - go dancing, eat an incredible meal, get a mani/pedi together, or have a long talk about what’s been going on and how you feel.
  4. Receive love - Feminine energy is about receiving and opening, so even if you’re a natural giver, you need to make sure you’re filling up your own reserve. Let someone do something nice for you. (Even if you have to schedule the massage yourself, let someone care for you!)
  5. Do something just for fun - Carve out time for activities you enjoy just for the sake of enjoyment. Be present in these moments.
  6. Love your body - Learn how to be in touch with your body, with what it needs in terms of nourishment and movement, and learn to love it as it is. No room for criticism here.
  7. Take a break - Schedule times of quiet and stillness. Turn off your phone and take a walk with just you and your thoughts.
  8. Make time for rituals - Do small tasks with love and intention. Start small with affirmations while you wash your face or fold your laundry.
  9. Question yourself - Become more aware of why you do or say things. Question yourself often to more fully understand yourself. Release what doesn’t serve you and have compassion for those around you and the ways they move through the world.
  10. Stop judging and comparison - It just doesn’t serve anyone.

What I’ve found (and observed in others) is that when you can more fully connect to your own power and sense of self, you naturally begin to lift up those around you. Your abundance expands beyond yourself and into the lives of those around you. This is the heart of our upcoming collection RISE - to connect more fully to our own feminine energy and power to put ourselves into a position to more fully love and lift others.

If you're looking for more connection, check out our
Designer's Guide Mindfulness below.

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