A big part of taking steps toward a more ethical closet is discovering your personal style. When you are able to tap into your style, you can make smarter purchasing decisions so that pieces in your closet work well together and will last longer. But sometimes finding your style can be challenging - so we've put together a little YIREH style quiz for you. As you answer each question, record your answer on your phone or a small piece of paper. Whichever number you selected most frequently will show you your results! 

What’s your go-to daily outfit? 

  • A cute tee and denim - I am on the move and like to wear what’s easy.
  • A tunic with intricate details - I like to wear things that are flowy and unique.
  • A wrap-dress - I like looking polished and put-together even if I’m just going to the grocery store.
  • Something vintage and statement earrings - I like retro vibes and keeping it simple yet bold.

Where would your dream vacation take you? 

  • Camping - under the stars, cozy with people I love
  • Somewhere tropical - lush jungles, exotic foods, beautiful textiles
  • Tahiti or Fiji - blue skies, blue ocean, and my bikini 
  • European tours - bring on cafes and museums and cobblestone

You’re about to leave the house - which shoes do you wear?

  • Slippers - I like to keep it simple and easy
  • Barefeet - I prefer not to wear shoes
  • Heels - I like to keep it classy
  • Sneakers - I like to be comfortable and ready for anything

What personality do you aspire to? 

  • Steadfast - I want to be focused and always doing my best
  • Wild and free - I want to go with the flow and be adventurous
  • Effortless - I want to behave with ease and grace
  • Warm - I want to be full of warmth and compassion

How would you describe your style right now? 

  • Easy-going - I prefer tees and denim - whatever does the job really
  • Bohemian - I prefer colorful prints and flowy silhouettes
  • Feminine - I prefer to show off my curves and feel romantic
  • Funky - I prefer vintage shopping and keeping it quirky

What colors do you like to wear?

  • Neutrals - I like to keep it basic
  • Floral prints - For a feminine and earthy vibe
  • Mostly solids - I am not a print person
  • Stripes - Classic and simple

Which is your favorite accessory? 

  • My purse with all of my essentials
  • A cute straw sun hat
  • A simple gold chain necklace
  • Bold statement earrings

What is your at-home style when you have no place to be? 

  • Pajamas all day
  • Flowy duster and shorts
  • I get dressed as if I were going out
  • A cheery sundress

You’re going out with your girls - what are you up to? 

  • Cooking dinner and watching a movie
  • Going out to watch live music 
  • Shopping and the new trendy restaurant
  • Cocktails & karaoke 

What do you wear for date night? 

  • T-shirt and jeans - whatever I wore all day will do
  • Flowy, floral wrap dress
  • Sleek jumpsuit with a deep neckline
  • A simple dress and cute hair scarf


Mostly 1’s  - Keepin' it Casual

You like your clothes to be easy and casual - maybe sometimes even a little sporty. You prefer solid colors or basic prints (like stripes!). You like to move around with ease and prefer anything you can throw-on and be out the door in minutes.
Styles for you: Juj Jumpsuit or Ryder Bomber

Juj Jumpsuit in Slate
Ryder Bomber in Sand

Mostly 2's - Boho Vibes

You like floral prints, mandalas, and crochet details. You like being barefoot, spending time in nature, and just enjoying life as it ebbs and flows. You’re not afraid to take risks in both life and fashion.
Styles for you: Barcelona Mini and Compass Jumper

Barcelona Mini in Desert Lilly
Compass Jumper in Slate

Mostly 3's - Classy Lady

You’re always polished and looking fresh. You like to look and feel feminine by showing off your figure and keeping it fairly simple. You like to look and feel your best, and put all of your effort into everything you do.
Styles for you: Leila Wrap Dress and Midori Linen Dress in Sand Stripe

Leila Wrap Dress in Desert Lilly
Midori Linen Dress in Sand Stripe

Mostly 4's - Retro Chic

You’re into vintage shopping, graphic tees, and classic silhouettes. You wear a little bit of everything and like to be bold and look unique. You lean towards easy silhouettes and pack a punch with a statement piece of jewelry or hair scarf.
Styles for you: Izzy Linen Dress and Kawai Top paired with London Pant

Izzy Linen Dress in Cardinal
Kawai Knot Top and London Linen Pant in Azure

What YIREH style fits you best? What did you think of our quiz? Tell us on Instagram!