How to live unapologetically in your truth

Hi everyone, Erika, Brand Manager here. I’m a true blue type 1 enneagram - which means that I’ve always valued doing the “right” thing, following rules, doing a good job, etc. I grew up in a very religious home that gave me a lot of guidance for what was considered right or wrong. I was good at following rules and it gave me a sense of accomplishment and confidence to feel like I was always doing the right thing. But at the same time, I often felt conflicted - especially as I grew older. Through meeting new people, learning about other cultures, and exploring different perspectives I began to develop my own sense of right and wrong - and sometimes those things conflicted with the rights and wrongs I’d been taught in my home and church growing up. 

After the death of someone I loved dearly, I felt a shift in my world view and I felt myself newly committed to my own truths. It was deeply painful to pull away from the systems that I was raised in, but living my own truths unapologetically opened up my heart and has brought me more peace that playing by someone else’s rules ever did. While living your own truth doesn’t have to be extreme as leaving your religion or be prompted by a traumatic event, learning to live your own truth can still be scary, hard, and confusing. 

So here’s a short list of some things I’ve learned to help get you started:

Don’t apologize unless you mean it. Seriously - find other language to respond with kindness and politeness, but don’t say “sorry” unless you mean it and the situation truly calls for an apology. 

Be comfortable in your own skin. Find value and appreciation for your body just as it is - for where it has been and where it will take you. Tap into your own sense of style to dress your body for maximum confidence. 

Nourish your body and mind. The older I get, the more I realize that physical health is really the base layer for everything else. Care for your body so you can be better equipped to care for your mind. 

Embrace who and where you are. While having goals and dreams to work towards is great, try to avoid putting so much stock in “someday” that you’re miserable in your now. Find the silver lining in your day to day, and love yourself for exactly who you are right now.

Take action. A huge part of living your truth is in your head - connecting to yourself, your sense of purpose, how you view the world, etc. But to truly live it you have to take action on the things that you value - which sometimes means making hard decisions. You can do this!

To us, YIREH is more than just a clothing brand. We care for the people who make the clothes, as well as the people who wear them. We want to encourage you to be your best self, inspire you to make memories, and empower you to lean into yourself and live unapologetically. Wherever you are in your journey, you’re doing great and we’re always cheering you on!

For more on slowing down & setting boundaries, check out our blog post. And for journaling sessions and long moments of reflection, we've got a Spotify playlist to help keep the mood & motivation flowing. And finally, for those just getting started with living mindfully, check out our guide below.

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