Back to our roots

by Emily Jaime
Back to our roots

We were lucky enough to collaborate with local Hawai'i based creative and letterer Kat Araujo from @Kataraujostudio . She wrote out our mission statement in her calligraphy and owner of YIREH Emily Valdez did a write up below of why each statement is significant. 

YIREH: (year-EH) Will provide. 

For those of you who have been wondering, YIREH is not a cool word that we just made up. YIREH comes from Genesis 22:14 and the full phrase stated is Yahweh Yireh, meaning the Lord will provide. This has been an important verse in my life (Emily Valdez, owner/designer of YIREH) for the last 6 years. I felt that if I dedicated my life to the Lord and always gave my all I would always be provided for. This is the root of my company. To always give my all, and to use this as a creative outlet to help others.

Before I founded YIREH I traveled to over fifteen different countries just for the love of learning more about other cultures, their customs, and their people. This has inspired my designs greatly. We incorporate a lot of other cultural practices into our design such as handmade embroidered lace called Kerawang. The ocean has also been a big design influence. We are based on Oahu, and do our production in Indonesia so we are constantly on some sort of island. I like to think our clothing is the perfect partner to travel with and make you feel unique and different while you are exploring a unique and different place. 

It is very important to me that everyone who comes into contact with YIREH is positively impacted in some way. I believe that everyone has a unique gift to offer this world and that every life matters. I try to make each individual woman who wears my clothing feel loved, appreciated, and special. I also want YIREH to be an outlet to inspire others to live the best life possible, and take risk towards living out their dreams. 

This is the most important part of YIREH. I founded the company on a full-circle-movement mindset (which means that everyone who comes into contact with us is positively impacted in some way). YIREH started as an investment in people rather than product and has remained this way every since. Making sure we are an ethical brand, that always values human lives above the production of a product. We also give 10% of our profits back to various social causes and small business start ups. Currently we are in the process of purchasing a car for the family that helped start YIREH in Indonesia because a driving business is their ultimate dream. These sort of investments are the sort of thing we've done from the beginning and we will continue throughout the lifetime of the brand. 

 You can read more about how we got started on our ABOUT PAGE

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