YIREH: Hebrew for "will provide"

YIREH is a socially conscious and ethically made fashion & home decor brand. We design easy to wear and easy to pack clothing for the modern traveler and everyday woman. 

YIREH's main goal is to make getting dressed easy, and letting the outfit do all of the work for you. We like designing pieces for your special occasions and every day living. Pieces that require minimal styling, have versatility, and that make you feel beautiful.

Transparency: Ethically Made

We are passionate about creating slow-fashion apparel by producing small-batch collections throughout the year. Our collections feature handmade clothing and fabrics that incorporate the craftsmanship of the countries we work in.

After traveling, doing humanitarian work, and building friendships in Indonesia for 8 years, we have decided it made the most sense to invest in the place we love! So we manufacture all of our clothing in Bali. We partner with two ethically made factories. Our workers are paid fair wages, receive one-month paid vacation, religious holidays off, sick leave, and medical insurance.

We also work with several independent graphic designers to create our one of a kind prints. Each print is then digitally printed onto our fabrics. Surplus fabrics go to local Balinese businesses for a small fee, and then are re-purposed into everyday materials for re-sale. This helps reduce our textile waste, and also supports the local micro businesses around the factories we work with.

The Designer and Founder

Emily Jaime is the designer and founder of YIREH. She started the brand early in 2014, without a background in fashion. She has always expressed a love for travel, the ocean, and learning about cultures that were foreign to her. Having traveled to over 20 countries, Emily gathers inspiration from her trips and pours them into her designs for YIREH. However, her heart has always been for humanity, which is why philanthropy is deeply rooted in YIREH. Indonesia is like a second home for designer Emily and her husband. They go back every year to check up on production, source new fabrics, and visit all of their friends that have become extended family.

How it all began

YIREH first started as a small jewelry company. Emily would hand make jewelry to support her humanitarian works abroad. On a trip to Indonesia in 2012 designer Emily met a young girl named Sumi on the island of Nusa Lembongan with a dream of finishing school. Emily asked if she knew how to make anything and the girl brought out dozens of beaded shell necklaces. Emily then asked Sumi to make 100 shell necklaces in exchange for payment of one years tuition of schooling. Sumi happily agreed.

The following year designer Emily met a seamstress family in Indonesia who needed extra money to support their family. Emily knew she wanted to help them get back on their feet so she drew out her first design (The Pantai Short) and hired different members of the family to help source fabrics, manage pickups, and sew the designs. They received the income they needed and now Emily had to figure out how to sell her designs again. She started out on Etsy and everything sold out almost immediately. This led to the foundation of what YIREH is today, an outlet to use creativity to inspire, encourage, and empower, while also providing fashionable clothing that tells a story.

Today, YIREH partners with two ethical factories, and still remains in close contact with the first family they worked with. The family has since switched career paths to their ultimate dream of starting a driving business.

We at YIREH are excited for what the future holds, and hope you'll be along for the ride!