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Your beautiful smile is irreplaceable!

However, it seems as if we will all be required to cover up for a while, so if we won't be able to see your stunning smile then we thought the next best thing was a face mask that sparked some joy! We all need more fun prints and happy colors in our lives right now!

Our Printing Process

Our exclusive and one-of-a-kind prints are inspired by a mix of our island home in Hawai'i and the other cultures we have encountered abroad. We work with artists to design our prints and then they are digitally printed using no water and eco-friendly dyes certified by Oeko-Tex. Our scrap fabrics are either donated to micro-businesses around the factories we partner with or repurposed to create our scarves and sarongs. Our goal is to leave behind as little waste as possible and give you peace of mind with every purchase.

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You’d make these styles look great

Crafted with care

We are committed to the idea that humanity always comes before profit. Which means, every person who touches YIREH is entitled to the most basic of human rights.

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