What to Pack: A Travel Capsule Wardrobe

What to Pack: A Travel Capsule Wardrobe

When I travel, I like to pack light - like really light. We usually only take one carry-on bag for all four of us, as well as a backpack and a spare empty backpack to bring back anything we purchase. Sound a little nuts? It definitely feels that way sometimes trying to pack! I like to use packing cubes to keep everything organized and to help stick to the space we have. Usually it goes like this: 1 large sized cube for my husband (since he’s the largest, his clothes are the largest and need more space), 1 mid-sized cube for me, and 2 small cubes for each child. This minimalist style of packing only works if you choose versatile outfits that are light-weight, easy to mix and match, and easy to wash & dry.

Introducing: a YIREH Travel Capsule Wardrobe!

We’ve selected some of the most versatile YIREH pieces and put together a sample travel capsule wardrobe that you could mix and match with other garments you own. For a weeklong trip, I’d recommend choosing 1 travel day outfit, 3 day outfits, 1 evening outfit, and 1 hiking/outdoor outfit.

Travel day

For travel days, comfort is of utmost importance - you want something breathable so you don’t overheat, but also the ability to layer to stay cozy in air conditioning. Ideally these pieces can be recycled throughout your trip into other outfits.

Day Out

Whether you’re exploring a metropolis, a charming cobblestone village, or riding a moped beachside, you need an outfit that is a) comfortable, b) photo-ready, c) easily paired with sandals or sneakers, and d) paired with accessories to dress up or down to transition to a night out.

special Evening Out

Pack at least 1 “fancy” outfit for an evening out for drinks or a slightly more expensive restaurant. It can be fun to feel glamorous - especially when it’s so easy!

Outdoor Activities

Whether you’re hiking through a forest, looking out from a mountaintop, or spending the day at the beach, it’s good to pack an outfit that feels as comfortable as pajamas or athletic wear, but looks as cute and stylish as you are.

  • Juj Jumpsuit - A one-piece that is easy to move in + extra coverage on the legs (hello bug bites!)
  • Skylar Tie Romper - A high-waisted short and button up blouse all in one piece
  • Pantai Shorts - The perfect beach cover-up 

Travel is at the heart of YIREH and where it all began. And so each piece is designed with travel in mind: outfits that not only are easy to wear, easy to pack, and make you feel beautiful - but outfits that will be your companion for some of your most special memories and breathtaking moments. We want these pieces to be as versatile as they are beautiful - a romper should be just as good for a hike as it is for brunch, and your dress should look just as good with sneakers for long days as your feet as it does for a dinner in your sandals.

Do you pack light when you travel? Share your dream travel capsule wardrobe with us in the comments below or on Instagram. 

Want to create your own summer capsule wardrobe?

Click here to download your own Capsule Wardrobe Checklist!

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