Photo Journal: Ireland & Croatia

by Emily Jaime
Photo Journal: Ireland & Croatia

Love What You Do…

Before I started YIREH I was asked the question, "if you could do anything and make money doing it what would it be?" I thought about it for awhile and realized my answer was to create daily, and get to travel. 

As I've continued to build this company I've kept these two things in mind. I knew that I wouldn't be able to stick it out for the long haul if I genuinely didn't believe in or enjoy what I was doing. I also knew that I didn’t feel comfortable selling products that didn’t actually promote a lifestyle I actively live out myself. I actually hate selling in general, I never want to make a person feel forced or tricked into a sale. But, promoting things that have actually changed my life for the better, and creating quality clothing that I myself would actually want to buy, well that gets me excited. This is why you see so many elements mixed into this one brand. Health and wellness, vintage shopping, mental health, and travel!

I get asked often how I personally, and as a brand can afford to travel so often. Personally, it’s a lifestyle choice, and it’s actually easier than you’d think. My husband and I live simply, don’t buy in excess, and don’t accumulate debt. I also do a lot of research before a trip of the most cost effective way to get to, stay in, and travel around a place. It takes a lot more effort, but it’s worth it to save the dollars to me. As a brand, I’ve chosen to forego risky tradeshows that are extremely costly and instead focus on beautifully shot imagery of YIREH’s clothing in beautiful places that capture the exact essence of the brand. It’s a give and take. One day I hope we can have and do it all, but until then choices matter.

So, that being said, I challenge you to take a good look at your life. Are you currently living, or actively pursuing the life you want to have? If not, then what are a few small choices you can implementing right away to propel you forward? Small daily habits will ultimately make up our futures. You got this.


Here are some photos of our most recent trip to Ireland and Croatia. We shot YIREH’s 2019 Spring/Summer campaign’s in Croatia. So here are a few behind the scenes sneaks.


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