To understand this trip, I have to start at the very beginning...

Earlier this year we took our annual sourcing, design, and inspiration trip to Bali, Indonesia. I've been traveling to Bali every year, for seven years now, and each year looks different. To understand the diversity we experience during these trips you have to start at the very beginning of how they even came to be.

When I first started traveling to Bali I was a wide-eyed 18 year old girl who believed the world was at my fingertips. These trips were strictly for exploring, surfing, getting to know the culture, meeting the locals, learning the Indonesian language, and doing humanitarian work. Back then I traveled to many countries in-between my travels to Bali, but none of them quite captivated me the way this place did. It was a mixture of creativity, color, culture clashing, and opportunity that made me think this country was Magic. I loved befriending the locals who were almost all self made entrepreneurs, and watching them create a business (or several businesses) from nothing, their sheer creativity amazed me.

Then, almost four years ago me and my best friend got the idea to move to Bali. I invited my boyfriend of 3 months (who is now my husband!) along for the journey, and a few others, and we packed up and moved to Indonesia. We had one goal, submerse ourselves into the country we all loved even more.

Have you ever made a decision that was a turning point for your life moving forward? Well this was one of those decisions for me, and it wasn't like this was even that big of a deal at the time. It was completely in my nature to pack up and go if I felt convicted to do so. Two years prior to this I had sold everything I owned to travel the world, so moving to Bali wasn't abnormal. What made this such a life defining decision were the relationships I would make during this trip, the lessons I would learn, and the business I would start that would take me from being a live in nanny to a full time fashion designer.

So I am telling you all of this because as I was uploading my photos of this past trip, I realized nothing made sense. The photos show us going from being in a super nice villa, to a village, to getting barreled, to sourcing fabrics, to pattern making and designing, to fishing, to free diving, and then to the beautiful factory workers. How did it all tie in and how the heck did all of that come to be?

It has been years of sowing a seed into this country I love. Developing and growing friendships, saying YES to opportunities, taking risk, and not being afraid to get my hands dirty. So the photos may seem random, but they are all little pockets of our journey. I hope this story encourages you to keep going. I hope it encourages you to ignite your curiosity and go a step further, and to take the risk that it may possibly change your life forever.