Our recipe for a relaxing bath

by Lauren Bejot
Our recipe for a relaxing bath

Bathleisure and bath selfies are taking Instagram by a storm. And it’s beautiful: we see the colorful bath bombs creating art in water, the shrine of flowers, candles, crystals and everything else that heals you. But at YIREH we’re not hanging onto some fleeting Instagram trend, we’re tried-and-true advocates of #bathlife. Yup, we started taking bubble baths before it was cool. Okay, in all seriousness, baths are so relaxing whether you ‘gram them or not, but we do encourage you to unplug just before you slip into the soapy, warm water to get the full benefits of a soak.

It’s no secret that baths are full of benefits. Warm water baths release endorphins in your brain which elevate your mood, relieve muscle pain, burn calories and soothe irritated skin. Not to mention, there can help you sleep better and reduce blood pressure. It’s amazing that something so comforting can actually be good for you, too.

Do we need to say more? Run the water to your desired temperature, turn down the lights and put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ because it’s spa (at home) time.

Here's the signature YIREH recipe to a relaxing bath:

A few drops of your favorite essential oils
Tap into your mind-body connection with essential oils. Just a few drops serve as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-anxiety and immune boosting elixir, depending on the oil you have. Each essential oil has a variety of benefits and smell amazing. Try lavender and eucalyptus — it’s heavenly! P.S. Let us know if the comments if you’d like a blog post about our favorite essential oils!

One cup of epsom salts
Epsom salts are a no-brainer: they’re inexpensive and provide a variety of health benefits. Epsom salts provide magnesium, promote sleep and stress reduction, help with constipation, relieve muscle soreness and cramps, and reduce pain and swelling. Whether you’re an athlete or your neck is sore from looking at a computer all day, you won’t regret adding epsom salts to your bath!

A book or journal
Pick up a book to get lost in or a book to learn from. Right now we’re loving The Woman in Cabin Ten by Ruth Ware and Becoming by Michelle Obama. If journaling is more your thing, let grab a notebook and pen. We’ve been enjoying the 5-Year One Line A Day journal — it’s a great way to record memories but without the commitment of writing a couple pages.

An atmosphere of peace
Turn down the lights; it’s time to get in the mood… to soak, of course! Gather candles around your home and light them around your bathtub, or a soft-lighted desk lamp is a fine substitute. We also put together a little playlist to ease your mind and help you wash away your worries. Click here to snag the playlist for your corner of solitude.

A relaxing bath is a simple, attainable luxury that serves as a respite from the chaos of life. Alleviate those sore muscles, savor the tranquility and be content. Enjoy your bath and let the essential oils, salts and atmosphere envelop you; surrender and let the warm water calm you.

Do you take warm baths to relax? What are your go-tos for an amazing bath? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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