Introducing Our Newest Collection: Linen

Introducing Our Newest Collection: Linen

Travel is a main source of inspiration to us at YIREH. It’s a thrilling, exciting adventure that allows for us to grow and learn about the world and about ourselves in ways we didn’t know were possible. Travel is a muse — captivating, alluring and charming. Travel takes us on wild adventures and misadventures in our hometown and throughout the world. As a brand, we made a conscious choice to focus on beautifully shot imagery of YIREH clothing in breathtaking sceneries that capture the essence of the brand.

And our newest collection completely embodies our traveling philosophy. We flew over 7,000 miles to Croatia to shoot our Spring/Summer Linen collection. YIREH clothing was brought to life in the landscape of castles, cliffs, deep blue oceans and hidden alleyways by our friend & photographer, Casey Liu. A few months ago, Emily shared some sneak peeks in her blog post about her travels to Croatia and Ireland to shoot the collection, as well as how it’s possible to travel the world on a minimal budget, as a clothing brand and as a young woman.

We’re constantly inspired by the modern travelling woman because we embody that. We love being immersed in culture and taking in every drop of the cities we visit, which means relying on packing light to meet our needs.

This collection does just that. We chose the most luxurious linen and combined it with our signature effortless and easy to wear styles that are perfect for traveling. Each piece is flattering on a variety of body types, and the colors (Azure, Sand Stripe and Cardinal) are complementary against any skin tone. Like the Midori Linen dress in Sand stripe — it’s so versatile. This minimal design is easily accessorized, can be dressed up or down and it’s comfortable, a key factor while traveling. We know that traveling itself can be somewhat stressful, that is why we specialize in designing effortless clothing that can be used for any occasion.

Travel wasn’t the only inspiration for this collection. We knew it was time to make steps towards a more sustainable YIREH. We asked you directly through Instagram if you’d like to see more YIREH designs from eco-friendly fabrics. Overwhelmingly the answer was yes! So we went to work to finding the perfect fabric for this collection. Linen is made from flax which is a natural product and needs little or no chemical treatment. Plus, linen is 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable. The environmental impact of spinning and weaving flax is basically zero. And bonus: it’s breathable, lint free, non-static, non-allergenic, provides UV protection, and does not retain odors. It’s basically a super fabric.

We love challenging ourselves and bringing you more clothing that aligns with your values and our values.
We think our Linen collection is just that: it personifies YIREH through easy-to-wear, versatile, minimal and ecological clothing.

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