Creating a self-love ritual by caring for your skin

Creating a self-love ritual by caring for your skin

I have a confession: I’ve never been much of a face washer. It’s always seemed like a chore and while I’d try to remember in the shower, I never really got into the habit of washing my face and removing makeup each night. But this past winter (my first true winter in awhile), I was really struggling. The dark and cold was getting to me and I felt grouchy and irritable all the time. I really needed to find a way to wind down each evening so I decided to try something new. I found a company and product I really resonated with and decided to create my own ritual - to take those moments before bed to reset and relax. I’ve found this ritual really doesn’t take much time and helps me feel more at peace. I use those moments to brush off things that didn’t go so well during the day and to feel grateful for all the things I have. Here are my tips for someone looking to figure out their own skincare/soul care ritual.


.:. Find a company whose ethos you stand behind.

Before you dive into reading reviews or testing products, make sure that you know which companies align with your values (i.e. sustainability, vegan, ethically made, etc.) and that you can feel good about supporting.

.:. Read reviews

Look for reviews by people who have similar skin types for you. Asking a friend is not always the safest route. I once highly recommended a product to one of my best friends - but I never even thought to ask her about her skin type or tell her about mine. She tried the product I recommended and ended up breaking out and with skin issues for months. We both learned our lesson. Be strategic - order products you know will work for you + samples of ones you’re not sure about.

.:. Be consistent

Work these products into your routine where it makes sense. In the shower, before bed, first thing in the morning - whenever. Start small with a time you know you’ll be able to stick to. And if at first you only are able to add in one step to your routine, that’s fine! You can add in more steps once you feel you’ve mastered the first bit.

.:. Create a mantra or ritual and begin doing that each time you apply.

For example - repeat an affirmation over and over while washing your face. Change to another affirmation while applying toner. Another for moisturizer, etc. Or use washing your face to release yourself from whatever didn’t go well today. Toner for finding balance and peace. Moisturizer for setting intentions for the next day. Again - whatever resonates with you.

Your skin is your vehicle, your persona, you! Taking care of it is more than just skin deep but showing yourself that you’re worth the time and effort and care. We all need some loving touch, some TLC - especially from ourselves. Below is a brief list of my favorite products - I tend to lean towards products made from natural oils that serve dual purposes (scents that can be grounding, uplifting, etc.)


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