We know purchasing things online can be hard at times. So to help you visualize our clothing on your own body, we've created several videos to help you out!

The first video was filmed and produced by Daniel Agustin and Isabella Bainco. This is our official collection video where you can see Quigley, of Officially Quigley fully styled, and strolling down the streets in pieces from Chaleur.

The second video was recorded by yours truly, Emily (designer and owner of YIREH) to offer up a better explanation of the design inspiration behind Chaleur, and show you each piece in the collection personally.

We hope these give you a better visual of all of the new details in Chaleur! We are so proud of this collection and I hope you love it as much as us!! Let us know anything else you'd like to see from us, or any good words you'd like to share. We love encouragement over here at YIREH!