Celebrating Our One Year Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating Our One Year Wedding Anniversary

Small business is personal right? And marriage should be celebrated, because it is not easy. Tomorrow is Davin and I's first wedding anniversary. I'm nostalgic, so I decided to put together this little blog post as a tribute to that day, and to everything we've been through in this past year. Marriage is probably the hardest thing we've both ever done. It is no joke letting another human into the depths of your heart. But, it is worth the work. Having a forever companion by your side that loves you at your best and your darkest, celebrates with you, cries with you, adventures with you, fails with you, laughs at your bad jokes, and doesn't judge you for never being able to decide what you want to eat (well maybe sometimes judges), nothing compares to that type of love.

Thank you for being on this journey with us YIREH fam.


Scroll down to the bottom for information on all of the vendors I booked for our wedding.

Venue: Kualoa Ranch
Photographer: Erin Paris @erinparis.hi
Second Shooter: Amber Schoniwitz @schyneweddings
Florals: Ocean Dreamer Florals @ocean_dreamerr
Hair and Makeup: Risa Hoshino @risa.hoshino
Bridesmaid Dresses: YIREH @yireh_
Wedding Dress: Rita Vinieris RIVINI @ritavinieris
Wedding Signs: Splinter @splinter_designs
Calligraphy: Karen Domingo @ks.domingo
Engagement Photos: Casey Liu @Caseykaui
Underwater Engagement Photos: Justin Mack @jmack808
Cakes: Rebecca Marti @sifthawaii
Food: Iges Hawaiian Menu
Photo Booth: Shoots Booth @shootsbooth
Music: Matt Melendez @mattmelendezmusic
Day of Wedding Coordination: For the Good Hawai'i @forthegoodhawaii
Video: For the Good Videographer
Pastor: Pastor Fernando Jaime

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