Bali Photo Journal 2018

by Emily Jaime
Bali Photo Journal 2018

We've been traveling to Indonesia for 8 years, but each year is its own unique experience. Even though we manufacture in Indonesia, we don't necessarily have to visit because these days you can do everything over the internet. 

However, we find it extremely important to visit as often as we can (usually at least once a year), and this is because it allows us to stay in close connection with all of the makers of YIREH. IT is among our core values to make sure our garments are manufactured ethically, and that our factory workers have a good quality of life. Honestly, the only way to 100% do that is to go check things out for yourself.

We spent a month on the island of Bali (where our manufacturing is done) to prep new samples, make adjustments to old ones, work on fabric colors, check in on production, make a few behind the scenes videos, and meet up with old friends. However, after the work was done we made some time for fun! We at YIREH believe in living out the lifestyle we promote, so making time for rest and vacation is important to us. So, after Bali we traveled to the Mentawai Islands off of Sumatra, lived on a boat for 12 days and surfed until our arms were noodles. Being completely unplugged for 12 days was exactly what we needed.

Indonesia is such a special country, YIREH will always have roots there. Take a look at our photo journal of our month abroad below and let us know if you've been to Indonesia and what your experience was like!

Emily & Davin


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