A day in the life...

by Emily Jaime
A day in the life...

Although I am the designer of a brand inspired by travel, and I love hopping on planes to exotic destinations- I also enjoy my day to day life being somewhat routine and relaxing.

I get stressed out easily, and am usually adding a lot onto my plate. So on weekends I like to unwind and just spend time hanging out with my family.

Usually my husband and I will wake up late on Saturdays, (except lately late is 7 a.m. because our newest member is 5 months old and not the biggest fan of sleep), drink coffee, and play with our baby Paisley and our dogs. 

Then we will usually pick one activity for the day, because that is about all we can handle as new parents and busy business owners. Our activity is usually centered around the ocean, we will either take turns surfing, or bring a tent and camp out at the beach for a few hours with friends.

Our evenings will usually consist of a glass of wine, a homemade meal (by my husband, I don’t cook), putting the baby to bed, and an episode of our current favorite Netflix show. Honestly, these are my favorite evenings and since I am somewhat introverted I usually prefer this over going out.

Sundays we do pretty much the same thing, with a few exceptions. We will usually take it slow in the morning and then head off to church. After we will spend time at the beach, or with friends. However, I like to end Sunday with some sort of special activity to prevent the Sunday blues from setting in. It could be as simple as taking the dogs to the dog park, or getting a pizza and having a glass of wine, or taking a walk on the beach. Just something to end the weekend on a high, and again enjoy family time together.

Every second of life doesn’t have to be Instagram worthy. Actually the ordinary moments of life, are my favorite moments and often when my fondest memories are created.

Thank you for letting me share a little bit of what an average weekend looks like for us. I would love to know what it looks like for you. Let me know in the comments below.


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  • Jessie JonesJul 30, 2019

    Hi Emily,
    Weekends are so important for us right now. My husband works away durning the week so the weekends are spent together, lucky Steve gets home on a Thursday evening so we usually have a lie in on a Friday and then head out for a nice long walk with our dog. Then Saturday we go for a good long bike ride and dog walk again along the beach. Sundays always feel odd as they are the ‘going day’ I take Steve to the airport around 8pm, Steve has a late night getting back and then early start Monday morning so we tend to have a good sleep in Sundays, perhaps a paddleboard session or something else active but chilled out. They are all about spending time together and re charging, and you are right… The simple things are the best xx

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