5 ways to support small businesses without spending money

by Emily Jaime
5 ways to support small businesses without spending money

Right now consumerism is a hot topic, and rightly so, it’s the season of giving! If you’re anything like me you have a long list of small businesses you love and want to support! However, it’s not always easy to reach into your wallet and dish out said support. We get it, and totally support responsible spending! However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to show support to businesses who align with your ethos! Here is a short list of ways you can support a brand without actually spending money:

  • Like and comment on their social media post, as well as watch their stories. This may sound really simple, but it means a lot to a smaller brand. With algorithms on almost every social media platform, it can be hard for a brand to get seen in a sea or big names. However, if you’re constantly engaging with their post (liking, commenting), it shows the algorithm that people are interested in what that brand has to say, which can they spread their reach. So you are actually inadvertently helping them market, without changing your routine much.
  • Subscribe to newsletters. Receiving a lot of e-mails can get annoying, so definitely pick and choose from brands who you really align with and like reading their content. But this is a great way to support a small business, and you can even forward e-mails to friends you think may enjoy their content as well!
  • Visit local pop ups and events. This could get tempting to spend some money, but showing your presence and offering positive feedback is always a huge encouragement. 
  • Write an encouraging e-mail. If you can’t visit a business in person, sometimes an encouraging letter or e-mail makes all the difference. Often times, a smaller brand wonders if anyone even cares what they are contributing to the world. It can totally turn someones day around to offer a small word of encouragement!
  • Word of mouth! This is probably the most effective way to support a small business without actually spending money. Especially if you live in a small town (or on an island!). So if there is a brand you love, talk about it often, tell your friends, family, loved ones, and help spread their message.

Let us know if you have any other ideas of how we can all support small businesses without necessarily always spending!


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