5 practical and totally doable tips for coping with change

by Erika Osurman
5 practical and totally doable tips for coping with change

I’m Erika, Brand Manager here at YIREH. I have two young children: Wolf (age 2.5) and Violet (7 months) who keep me very busy and make me simeotaneously feel more emotions than I ever knew existed. I’ve lived in Hawaii on and off over the past 11 years and am currently spending time near family in the Midwest. I love to go to the beach, read (when I can!), and travel with my family. You may see me around the blog from time to time, but mostly I’m working behind the scenes. If you ever have a question or need anything, you can reach me at customerservice@shopyireh.com

Erika - Yireh Brand Manager

The past 5 years have been a whirlwind for me. I got married, moved across the Pacific Ocean to a city I’d never been to, bought a house, adopted a dog, had a baby, sold my house, moved back across the Pacific Ocean, traveled for several months straight with my family, had another baby, and then packed up and moved across the Pacific AGAIN. Aside from these life-altering changes, I’ve been knee deep in the day to day flux of small children (who seem to be changing constantly) and my own ebbs and flows as I find my footing and identity amidst all of this - and well, life has felt in a constant state of chaos for quite some time! But I’ve never been one to balk at change, and instead have always jumped in without hesitation. 

I don’t mean to set myself up as some sort of authority or expert here - in fact, most of my family and friends would probably laugh at the thought of me of all people writing a blog post about coping with change. I’ve been known to grieve over the smallest changes from new cars, worn out shoes, to rearranged furniture...but in reality that’s all just part of my process! A large part of coping with change is coming to terms with its inevitability, embracing its reality. And then moving forward anyways. Over and over again - just like the seasons or the phases of the moon. 

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Skylar Tie Romper in Atlas

All of the change and the experiences and baggage that comes with it shapes us and teaches us. The good and the bad and everything in between can work for our benefit, and quite often does. Approaching change with our hearts and eyes open - and a few practical tools under our belt - can help us go with the flow of life instead of fight it. 

  • Nourish your body: Admittedly, when everything is changing and out of my control, I just want to eat my comfort foods - most of which are greasy, fatty, salty, or sugary and make me feel slow and groggy. But when there’s a lot going on, it makes such a difference to prioritize eating clean. Make mealtimes a ritual in care, preparing your meals with intention and gratitude for keeping your body feeling fresh and your mind clear. You already have enough going on, you don’t need food keeping you down.
  • Listen to music that makes you feel good: There is so much research out there about the way that music affects us, how it sets moods and changes atmospheres. So use that to your advantage and use music to set intention for your day. Choose uplifting and energizing music - something that makes you feel confident and powerful and ready to face the world head on! You can also use it to help you express and process emotions by playing songs that you connect to on an emotional or spiritual level. Set aside time to listen to music everyday. 
  • Get some fresh air: Get outside - no matter the weather- even if only for a few minutes. Fresh air and natural light does wonders for the body and soul. Take a walk, go on a hike, or just make it to the mailbox if that’s all you can manage (been there!). Connecting to the earth beneath your feet can make you feel grounded. 
  • Do something: Do something (anything!) that makes you feel accomplished. Maybe that means working out, getting out of the house to meet with friends, or tidying up your home. Listen to a podcast. Take a nap. Drink plenty of water! Set small, total doable goals for yourself each day and relish accomplishing them. Sometimes change can feel paralyzing, but life keeps on going and so will you! 
  • Stay connected in relationships: Set aside time to text, call, video chat, or write letters to loved ones. Amidst all the bustle it is easy to lose track and become enveloped in our own lives. Stay connected to the ones you love, even if you have to schedule time to check in with them. Let people know you care. Give love - keep that part of you open. It is sometimes easier to retreat when life feels chaotic and while you’ll likely need time and calm to yourself, true and constant friends and relationships can be your rock. 

The latest YIREH collection, Phases of the Moon, was inspired by this ebb and flow, the ever changing phases of the moon and ever morphing seasons of life. The designs are meant to transition with you from day to night, season to season, and adventure to adventure - your companion and piece of beauty whether you’re out running errands or taking on a new era of life. See the garments brought to life on the streets of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico in the gorgeous campaign video by Casey Liu. And speaking of music, be sure to turn up the volume and enjoy!


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