3 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

by Archetype Themes Collaborator
3 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Lauren here - I’m getting married in May, and I’ve been worried about the environmental impact of our wedding. As a socially-conscious bride, it’s been both a blessing and a worry to see boxes upon boxes from our registry being shipped to our house. But instead of languishing in my guilt and perpetual fear for climate change, I decided to flip the script and plan an eco-friendly wedding in these three ways

  • Send Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations
    Think about it: 200 wedding invitations go out and will most likely be tossed in the trash. Unfortunately, recycling isn’t a common practice for most guests. But, you can combat this by sending post-consumer recycled paper invitations or go entirely paperless. I opted to find a vendor through Etsy that printed on all recycled paper.

  • Donate Your Flowers
    Don’t let your beautiful flowers go to waste — donate the bouquets and arrangements to a women’s shelter or senior center, so that their beauty can be enjoyed by others. Call ahead to the organization you’d like to donate to and see if they can accept flowers. Plus, it’s a great way to spend the day after your wedding — giving back with your friends and family.

  • Add Eco-Friendly Items to Your Registry
    This was very important to me as we created our registry. We did ours on Zola — which makes it easy to add items from many stores. We added reusable tupperware, stainless steel straws and eco-friendly camping items. We also set up the option to donate to nonprofits, specifically to promote the safety of wildlife. We’re avid outdoorsmen(women!) and hope that we can support nature and enjoy it for years to come. 

If you’re planning a wedding, how are you socially conscious throughout the wedding planning process? Are you planning an eco-friendly wedding? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • ErikaApr 03, 2019

    Hey Nono,

    Thanks so much for your comment! I love that you’re able to go with a used wedding dress and are altering it and I love the idea of local products for your guests.

    My wedding was mostly DIY and fairly minimal – we opted out of many traditional things to save $$ and resources. I love reading other ideas – makes me wish I could do it all over again :)

    - Erika
    Brand Manager

  • NonoApr 02, 2019

    Hi there! I also need to start thinking about wedding…
    I’d definitely go paperless. There’re lots of ways to send nice email invitations/RSVP. Even if you find recycled invitation cards, it’ll go waste. So I’d just go paperless.

    I’m also going to use an used wedding dress. I happen to get a brand new wedding gown that the bride didn’t wear. Because she wanted a same dress in a different colour. So I got the dress. It’s not my style so I’m going to alter it to the way I want.
    I’d hope my guests will take flowers.
    My wedding favour would be local products.
    Wedding gifts, we are both well into our 40’s. So we are planning to ask for cash for our honeymoon. We have everything we need in our lives. In Asian culture, you give cash because it’s very practical than things I’d not want.

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