3 Reasons to Quit Fast Fashion

When you see a tshirt for $9.99, it often seems like an incredible deal. Something cute and on trend without breaking the bank? And no need to feel bad when it gets ruined or goes out of style! Great, right?

But when you stop to think about who gets that $9.99 - between the retail shop, the brand or label that manufactured it, materials, taxes, and the actual laborers who created it, it’s hard to reason that anyone (especially the laborer who probably made a few cents) got their fair share.

We invite you to change the script - to move away from fast fashion purchases that will go out of style and are poor quality that won’t last. We invite you to unfollow, unsubscribe, and remove yourself from the endless sales and appealing ads that would see you constantly purchasing at the expense of the planet and people. When you begin to invest in your purchases, you’re investing into the lives of the people who made it. And bonus - your investments will be higher quality, made to last, giving you years of wear (and higher resale value if you do need to say goodbye).

Here are our top 3 reasons & benefits of investing in your purchases:

  1. Quality items last longer - When you invest in high quality purchases, you’re investment is actually spread over many more wears and many more years. If you consider that your $140 dress will be worn once or twice a month for several months of the year (or even for several years!), suddenly that equates to having only paid $10 or less per wear! Instead of paying $30 or $50 for trendy fast fashion dresses that will begin to show wear in a matter of months, you can invest in a piece that can literally last years. Quality over quantity. And humanity over a good deal.
  2. Increase demand for fair trade + fair pay - The more consumers show they want (and need) quality pieces manufactured fairly, the more brands will follow suit to follow the money. By avoiding purchasing from brands with bad supply chains and habits and purchasing from ethical & sustainable brands, you’re putting your money where your values are, and forcing the market to follow trend.
  3. You’ll likely lower your overall consumption - Although we’re in the business of making and selling beautiful clothing, we’re not afraid to admit that the first step in conscious consumerism is to consume less. That’s right - the best step you could take is to just buy less! So when you invest in your purchases, you’re less likely to purchase as much or as frequently, lowering your consumption and hopefully reducing waste along the way.

We realize that change doesn’t happen overnight and you likely don’t have the resources to do an immediate overhaul, we would encourage you to really examine your closet, make a wish list, and budget to save up. Invest in quality, invest in people, invest in the planet. Invest in yourself!

For more information about the dangers of fast fashion and what you can do about it, check out Fashion Revolution. And if you're just getting started in ethical fashion, we've got a few easy steps for you + a beginner's guide.

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