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A garment care guide for your YIREH and other delicate clothing.

A basic garment care guide

We are believers in buying less, but investing in pieces of clothing you truly love and want to make memories in. We believe in supporting local designers and brands that have ethical and sustainable practices- even if it cost more. But most of all we believe in taking care of your precious articles of clothing, especially the ones that are a bit more delicate than the rest.

But if you're anything like me, you didn't learn how to wash a basic T-shirt until you were 18 years old (sorry mom), and struggled with deciphering the extremely complicated formula as to which temperature you wash your delicates... So we've put together this basic garment care video that explains all that you need to know including a few pro tips, and we will even write the most important tips below! Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips!

Basic Garment Care For Delicate Clothing

  • Hand Wash- it sucks, but you'll thank us
  • Use Cold Water- this ensures all of your garments colors stay on the correct garment and not on any others a.k.a. cue the infamous pink socks
  • Lay Flat To Dry- ensures your garment keeps its shape
  • Steam- better than ironing, faster, and you don't need a weird board
  • Fasten all of your fasteners- such as buttons, snaps, hooks, etc.
  • Use Liquid Detergent- less harsh than powdered
  • Use Free & Clear Detergent- better for your clothing and skin (less chemicals)
  • Turn any garments with embroidery inside out- keeps it from snagging
  • Don't buy anything that says wrinkle free- unless you want some formaldehyde with your clothing
  • If you're too lazy to hand wash, invest in a mesh bag to wash your delicates in on a delicate or hand wash cycle in cold water on a shorter spin cycle.
  • Rayon shrinks- sorry to say, but if you're short, this is good news! If you're tall- it's ok we account for shrinkage in our design process

Let us know any other helpful tips in the comments below! And if you like our videos please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more!