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Model Behavior Collab on Film

Photo shoots are my absolute favorite part of YIREH. Especially when they involve so many talented people, such as, three models, a photographer, videographer, and makeup/hair artist, and an epic location!

YIREH had the honor of collaborating with the blog MODL behavior which I (Emily), will be a guest writer for in the coming months. What started as a conversation months ago, ended up coming together beautifully on about three days notice. Here are some behind the scenes shots I captured on my Canon AE-1 Film camera using Portra 160 film. Keep an eye out for my open letter to models about self love coming soon, and for the official images from the shoot by Tyne Phillips.

-Meg Akim
-Mudra Love
-Malia Powers
Photographer: Tyne Phillips
Makeup & Hair: Kecia Littman
Clothing: YIREH
Video: Shaneika Aguilar
Styling and Film: Emily Jaime

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