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This beautiful ladie's name is Shaye! She is a 21 year old photographer from Jupiter, Florida. Shaye's main passions are lifestyle and portrait photography with a mix of natural light and dreamy colors!

This girl has shot multiple mini campaign's for YIREH and we had to get to know a little more about her!

Is photography your full time gig, or do you have any side hustles?

I was a server at a restaurant for a while, then one day my heart told me it was time to move on and put every ounce of my being into my photography business. Once I quit my other job and gave 100% of my attention to my true passion, that’s when incredible opportunities started coming into my life. It’s crazy that when you open up and put your excitement, happiness & loving energy toward EXACTLY what you want, it will absolutely come to you. Law of attraction is real, guys. 

What is the biggest challenge for you in pursuing a career in photography?

I think so far the biggest challenge for me is how sweet, caring and giving I am. I have a really tough time putting on my business pants and negotiating with clients. I find it hard to put a price on what my time, energy and creativity is worth. However, I have learned an incredible amount about how to run and manage a business, and have found the balance between being kind, but also stern when I need to be. 

Your photos are so creative! How do you come up with your concepts for photo shoots?

Well, thank you! I spend a lot of time looking at the work of photographers that really inspire me. I love making mood boards, location scouting, and finding that killer light. Most of my photos are taken in very simple places, but the way I edit is what changes everything. 

Do you ever feel pressure or hindered in the photography world for number one, being so young, and number two being a woman? 

I actually think it’s an incredible advantage! Being young, and the same gender as most of the models I work with makes it very easy to click and relate. I know how I would want to be photographed, so I know how other girls like to look in photos as well. Being a young girl in a profession dominated by men, I felt that I wasn’t taken seriously for a while. I used it as motivation & now I feel like I’ve gained a tremendous amount of respect in the photo world. Phew!

What is your go-to camera gear of choice?

I typically bring two cameras to shoots incase anything happens and I need a backup. I recently purchased the Canon 5D Mark IV, and it’s AMAZING. My go-to lens is the L Series 50mm f/1.2, it’s super crisp and great for portraits. I don’t believe you need expensive, top notch gear to be a great photographer, but when you’re doing big jobs and lots of them, you need to have gear that won’t let you down! 

Any advice to young women who are pursuing a career in photography? 

Don’t let fear hold you back. Learn, read, & study all aspects of photography. Connect with other photographers and ask questions. Know your worth, and stand up for yourself. Get excited and GO FOR IT! Feel free to reach out to me too, I love talking to other creatives! 

Aw you're the sweetest Shaye, and incredibly inspiring!! If you'd like to see more of Shaye's work check out:

Her Website: Shayebabbphotography.com
Her Instagram: @slimshayedy
What She's Wearing: YIREH Desi Romper in Echo &
                     YIREH Mudra Playsuit

Here are some more of Shaye's photos she shot exclusively for YIREH!
We love you Shaye!