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Jessica Sullivan is 21 years old and started her photography business a year and a half ago (so basically she was 19 people!!). Now, if you're already thinking Jess is amazing, it gets better, she's originally from Honolulu, but recently decided to make the move to Oahu's North Shore. She dove full time into her photography business and is still in school. She's a light and an inspiration to all of us who have a dream, because she's someone making it happen. Here are a few questions Jessica so kindly answered for us, and if you scroll down you'll see some samples of recent work she shot for YIREH :)

What is it like running a business and living on the North Shore of Oahu, one of the most desired areas to live?

Itʻs absolutely amazing. I love it out here and before I lived here, I found myself coming to the North Shore to shoot most of the time anyway so really all signs were pointed to moving!

What challenges do you experience owning your own business?

One of the biggest challenges I face running a business is never being able to fully relax. Thereʻs always something I can be doing to better my business whether itʻs reaching out to potential clients, editing shoots, or just getting out and shooting! Itʻs great to be on your own clock, but sometimes that makes it difficult to get work off your mind and completely unwind.

I totally understand this feeling. For the first few years of running YIREH I found it so hard to relax, especially working from home, there was always something to do. I finally made myself carve out specific days or amounts of time, and once they came, I shut off work brain. I hope you can find something like this for yourself!

What is your go-to camera gear of choice?

I love my canon gear! Right now I own a Canon 6D but would love to get the 5D Mark IV. I shoot with a few different lenses but my favorite for fashion is my 135mm f/2.0.

We all experience "down days" where we can't escape the funk. When you're having one of these what is one reminder, quote, or thing you do to give yourself hope, or bring you back up?

I have a painting on my wall that my best friend painted for me with one of my favorite verses on it: Proverbs 31:25, which reads, "She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future." This verse always picks me up when Iʻm feeling down and lacking motivation.

Any advise you want to give to other young ladies looking to branch out into the photography world?

For young ladies looking to branch out into the photography world, GO FOR IT! When you find something youʻre passionate about, you make it a priority and learning comes easy. So if youʻre passionate about photography, or anything for that matter, make the time to really study it and youʻll become successful!

That is some solid advice!!

Jessica Sullivan @jessicasulls
Portrait of Jessica by: @laceyelizabeth
Model: Sophie Wilson @sophh.wilson