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The Pantai Short

If you've followed our story for a bit, then you know that the Pantai Short was our very first style ever. This was the short that started it all. In 2013 I met this amazing family who needed some help getting their business off the ground again. I drew up this short, showed it to them, and worked on the fit until it was what I had imagined. I ran (well actually scooted) around Bali for months in search of fabrics for these shorts. I was set on certain motifs, and they were a lot harder to find than I thought. I became so good at saying the phrase "Do you have this motif" in Indonesian. Long story short, when all was said and done I ended up with 32 prints in this short! I opened up our online shop and they started selling like hot cakes! We would sell out of one print within minutes! I couldn't keep up. So this was when I began looking for our factory, and designing more styles to build off of the esthetic on this short. Not to worry though, we took good care of the family we started with, we helped them buy their first car, which had been a dream of theirs for decades. Made, our first manager, had always wanted his very own driving business and he could now drive his family to the temple for their Balinese ceremonies. We also still visit them every year and bring lots of gifts, and share a lot of meals. It's crazy how a single short can change the lives of so many. My life, their lives, and all of the others that I've had the privilege and honor of working with. So cheers to the Pantai Short! And Cheers to the new collection we just released of this short, in some of our "vintage" and favorite YIREH prints to date, truly meshing together the seasons of YIREH. Hope you like it!


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