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Turkey Photo Journal

For lack of better words, Cappadocia, Turkey was the coolest place I've ever been. From markets, to textiles, to amazing food, and breathtaking landscapes, this country is so special. The number one question I'm asked when people find out I've been to Turkey is if I felt safe. My short answer is yes, I felt extremely safe. My advice if you're thinking of going is to use your own discernment as to how comfortable you feel, and to always stay updated on the news. My number one recommendation is to hike and explore all of the ruins by foot. We found so many old cave paintings, old churches, and homes that blew my mind. I recommend you stay at The Sultan Cave Suites! We stayed in the King Sweet and had our own private balcony and view. It was amazing. Plus their breakfast buffet is bomb! As always, feel free to get into contact with any questions you may have!

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