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Streets of Gold

The collection, Streets of Gold was inspired by my travels through Thailand. I first went to Thailand in 2011, where I remember visiting a few markets that had amazing fabrics. Davin (my husband) and I decided to take a last minute trip in 2016 to Northern Thailand in search of what I had seen 5 years previously. What we found was even better. We stumbled upon a little shop hidden in the corner of the Market with piles of vintage Hmong fabric, all hand embroidered. It took me hours to search through the heaps of material, but I knew I only wanted the very best, most detailed pieces to incorporate into my collection. These pieces are so special to me. They reminded me of my spontaneous 19 year old spirit adventuring through Thailand, when I thought I was invincible, and never let anyone tell me who I was besides my God. To where I was now, 24 at the time, a little wiser, but somewhere along the way lost a part of that 19 year old courageous soul. So this collection was my reincarnation of that. I decided to shoot it in Portugal to give it an extra sense of adventure, and really create the essence of a free-spirited, strong woman, who has a lust for life and curiosity towards the world. It's fun, it's bright, it's colorful, it's meaningful, it has history, it's a little risky, but it's brave. As I write this I hope in someway this collection inspires you as well, to be exactly who you are, and never let another person tell you otherwise.