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Who Made Your Clothes?

     I wish I was joking when I said the clothing you are wearing right now could have cost someone their life. The fashion industry is being poisoned. Some factories are working their employees to the bone for pennies an hour, in unsafe facilities, with no benefits. These people are basically slaves to the trade with no where else to go. For what? For us to buy a trendy dress for $14.99. Fast fashion is fast food. The good news is that you are the consumer which means YOU have all of the power. You get to decide where your money goes and which businesses you support. You may think your dollars are too small to change an industry, but you are a piece in this puzzle to eradicate this vicious disease. When you support ethical companies you sow into hundreds of families, into the development of nations, and into bringing some of the goodness back to humanity. You create change. 

    We want to be open with our manufacturing practices so that when you buy YIREH you know where your money went. YIREH is run by me, Emily Jaime, and I am the sole owner of the company. Our workers are paid fair wages, receive one-month paid vacation, religious holidays off, sick leave, and medical insurance. Surplus fabrics are given to local Balinese charities to minimize textile waste. We also give 10% of our profits to International Justice Missions, a social organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking.

   This post isn't meant to give ourselves a pat on the back for doing good, but to shed some light on the realities of the fashion industry that most aren't aware of. My hope is that we can all begin to recognize the trade off we participate in when we buy cheap clothing, and that we all become more conscious consumers.

Credit to Fashion Revolution @fashion_rev for the beautiful "I made your clothes" signage.