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Behind the Scenes of the Chaleur photoshoot



     We were lucky enough to shoot our three upcoming campaigns at Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs. Korakia is a gem in the desert, and not your ordinary Palm Springs retreat. While the majority of Palm Springs architecture and decor is Mid-century Modern, Korakia is a mixture of Mediterranean and Moroccan. Every nook and cranny is a vignette, and it made the perfect back drop for our collections.
      The absolute best part of this entire shoot however, was the team. My favorite aspect of this business is getting to work with other creatives to bring a vision to life. I could never do all of this by myself, I mean I could try, but it would definitely not turn out nearly as good. I love observing other people while their in the flow of whatever it is they do best, and this team was exceptional. We had the honor of working with one of my best friends and amazing photographer Casey Liu, model Quigley, Makeup Rachelle Hali, and on video Daniel Agustin and Isabella Bainco.
     Here are just some disposable film shots and Polaroids of the behind the scenes work and what will be releasing this coming Thursday. So keep your eyes peeled on the site for whats to come! I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

The Epic Team

Photographer: Casey Liu @CaseyKaui

Model: Quigley @officiallyquigley

Makeup and Hair: Rachelle Hali @rachellehali

Videographers: Daniel Agustin @danielagustin
Isabella Bainco @isabellabainco