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Travel Mexico: Coqui Coqui

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     When we stepped off of the airplane at the Cancun airport Davin and I had no idea what to expect. We had already been traveling for 8 hours and knew we still had two and a half to go to get to Coba, our first Coqui Coqui stop.

      So we got our bags, and I requested an Uber, super happy to see that the app worked in Cancun. Seconds later I got a call from my Uber Driver, he told us to meet him across the street under a sign, if anyone was following us not to talk or look at them, and if anyone asked us anything to pretend like we didn't speak English. He then added casually I'll be in a red car, I'm going to slow down next to you, stop, and then you have to jump in, and we will speed off. My "this is not normal" signal started going off in my head, but Davin and I decided to follow his directions (sorry mom!).

     So we did as we were told and as soon as we were a safe distance from the airport our driver let out a big sigh of relief and said, "Mayn that was a close one!" Apparently Uber is illegal in Cancun, it's strictly local union taxis. We all had a good laugh.

     The drive to Coba was a beautiful one, we passed the famous Tulum, and to our Uber Drivers surprise we wouldn't be stopping there. We explained we were from an island and really wanted a "different" experience. Then the scenery changed into lush, dense, rain forest like terrain with small local restaurants, and homes every now and then. As we pulled up to Coqui Coqui I quickly realized different was exactly what we were going to get.

     When you drive up all of your senses are instantly overtaken. The entire hotel is modeled after Mayan Ruins, with a deep natural stone pool nestled in between both of them. Coqui Coqui is first known for their perfumes so the entire place smells of rich scents inspired by the Yucatán. It was pretty humid, so we were greeted with my favorite drink of Mexico, a Mezcal Margarita infused with fresh, local fruits. Sergio, our amazing host led us up to our room, which was at the very top of the "pyramid". He explained to us that back in the day the kings slept at the top of the pyramids so they followed the same model with their best rooms. When we walked inside I was first so happy to feel the AC, and then I think I actually let out a happy scream. The room was so thoughtfully designed. All of the walls are a natural tan stone, and the room was accented with turquoise hammocks. There was a 180 degree view of the lagoon and palms, and my most favorite part, an entire room that was a bathtub!

       We had the entire hotel to ourselves for two days. We swam, we drank Mezcal Margaritas, we ate food prepared by the hotel's luxury chef, and I played with all of their perfumes! We also had so much fun exploring the little town of Coba and getting to know a few of the locals. One of our highlights was walking through the Mayan Ruins. They have three in Coba that you can walk through, but there are known to be more than 6,000 scattered throughout the forest!

      After a very stressful two months of planning an international photo shoot, and then actually executing the shoot only days earlier on little to no sleep, this relaxation was exactly what I personally needed. I am a person that appreciates detail, and making experiences/atmospheres special. Every corner of this unique boutique hotel was so thoughtfully planned and the entire experience was a luxury. This place left an impression on my heart!


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