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Why we travel...

Why we travel...

I grew up in a family that moved around every two to three years, so when I turned 18, it was natural for me to start traveling on my own. A few weeks out of high school I went on my first medical relief trip to Guatemala, then two weeks after returning from that trip I went on my first humanitarian surf trip to Indonesia (where I ended up meeting my husband). Since then I've been to over 15 countries, and returned back to several of them many times. I have now introduced the travelers lifestyle to my husband as well. YIREH is rooted in travel. It is actually how the brand started. I kept meeting such amazing artisans and families on my trips whose talents and needs I couldn't ignore. Traveling has kept our mind outside of the box, it has allowed us to learn about other cultures, and that there is more than one way to life. It has allowed us to understand ourselves more, as there is nothing like being outside of your comfort zone. Traveling allows us to live a simpler life, as we measure every purchase we make in plane tickets (i.e. this ___ cost half of a plane ticket to Indonesia!). But most of all it allows us to stay open, open to new adventures, people, languages, foods, cultures, transportations, conversations, and so on. It is all about the journey, living in the present moment, rather than through a to-do list. For me, traveling is how I draw inspiration for each collection YIREH produces, the prints, colors and styles are all inspired by the people and places I've been blessed enough to encounter and visit. We are so excited for this upcoming journey.

Join us as we travel to 7 countries and 20 cities in 52 days.