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Balance of Hard & Soft, Our First Fashion Show

YIREH's first fashion show was a huge success! We were lucky enough to have 8 beautiful models and over 20 helpers running our pop up booth, and helping behind the scenes for the show. The shows theme was the balance between hard and soft. We really wanted to show another side to YIREH, and put on a SHOW. Below is a short highlight video from the show. Enjoy!

Designer: Emily Valdez

Video: Shaneika Aguilar

Fashion Show Producer: Samantha Feyen

Make Up: Risa Hoshino, Jasmine Mullins, Ashlee Valeros, Jordann Aguon

Photography: Vina Faye Cristobal

BJ Jiyarom
Kaitlyn Hitsman
Mudra Love
Allie Chu
Sophie Wilson
Jade Alexis
Taylor Labanon
Kate Kay

With Love,