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Portugal was one of those countries I wanted to go to "someday" but was never at the top of my list. Shame on me. This country was full of unexpected surprises. I had approached my good friend and main photographer for YIREH Casey Liu, about a year ago with the idea of flying her to Europe to do an international photoshoot. Casey didn't have to take much time to think about it, she immediately said she was down. She's a different breed that one. So over the course of the year we began planning a shoot and imagining which country would work best. First we thought Hungary, then we thought Morocco, then Denmark, then we ran out of ideas after they all fell through. We were a month away from leaving and still had no plan, no model, no makeup artist, and no location. Casey was then contacted with another opportunity in Portugal and threw out the idea of shooting there. I said why not, and it was settled. Little did I know that this would be the perfect location to shoot, with the detailed tiles layering the streets, nostalgic buildings, colorful pathways, breathtaking panoramic views, and friendly locals, we couldn't have asked for more. We spent our days eating pastel de nata's while roaming the streets, finding cheap restaurants owned by funny local "casanova" men, and drinking 3 Euro bottles of delicious wine. The shoot went seamlessly the model and makeup artist were perfection. This was country number 2 on Davin and I's 7 country 52 day list. It began the theme our trip would unfold into, be open, and have no expectations. We couldn't have asked for a better start with close friends, in an amazing country. We left with full hearts ready for the next adventure that would be Morocco.