Meet the artisans of YIREH





Made is one of the most outstanding individuals we have ever met. He values people and puts his heart and soul into everything he is involved in. It is Made who YIREH has to thank for all designs and projects running smoothly. He runs all around Bali dropping fabric off to be cut and sewn, or printed on. He finds the best prices and artisan's to work with. He knows how the product should look and sees that it is finished perfectly. Most of all he has become our best friend. Made has  discovered how to remain happy in almost all circumstances. He always has a smile on his face, and gives us all at YIREH little pep talks when things get stressful. We have so much to learn from him! Made has a wife, a five-year-old daughter, and a six month old son. He hopes to one day have his own sustainable driving business and to continue to help manage YIREH in Bali. 




Bibi is the head seamstress for YIREH and is also Made's aunt. She is creative, has taste, and knows how to sew exceptionally well! Bibi used to have a booming home business, with about twenty-six hired staff. When the terrorist attacks took place in Bali, she lost most of her business because of the decline of tourist and eventually went bankrupt. The past couple years she has been trying to re-vamp her business and not give up on her dream of being her own boss. We manufacture all of our clothing through Bibi in hopes of helping her build back up her capital and see her business grow. She creates beautiful clothing for us and works hard to make sure every detail is perfect. Bibi has also become one of our best friends in Bali, and we are so thankful for her hospitality.

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Mita is a beautiful seventeen year old girl who works full time at a Salon in Kuta, Bali. She works around 8-12 hour shifts everyday, only getting a day off a few times a month (if that). The salon is run by her and her sisters, however, she dreams of finishing high school and becoming a flight attendant. Some days at the salon, she works all day and makes nothing, others she will only make a few dollars, while some days she will make enough to satisfy her. However, her pay is never steady and most of the day she sits on a set of stairs shouting, "Massage." YIREH hired Mita to make encouraging statement bracelets. Her boss let her work on them inbetween clients while she was sitting on the stairs. These bracelets ensured she made some income everyday. YIREH does not have the resources to hire Mita full time yet, but hopes to one day be able to and help support her to go to school.