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YIREH (Yir-eh') simply means will provide. It is taken from the phrase Yahweh Yireh in Genesis 22:14 where Abraham's faith was tested. Designer and creator of YIREH, Emily Valdez, has used this as her mantra for the past four years as she traveled around the world. 

Emily Valdez, designer and owner of YIREH

Emily Valdez, designer and owner of YIREH

YIREH (Yir-eh'): will provide


YIREH is a clothing and accessories brand inspired by a love for travel + the ocean, designed to empower and encourage, created by a full-circle-movement.

YIREH was established as an outlet to use creativity to inspire others to live the best life possible. We bring 200+ pounds of clothing to hand out to rural villages in Indonesia as frequently as we can. We also dontate 10% of all profits to various social causes, and small business start-ups. Our goal is that from the creating process, to customers wearing our products, every person is positively impacted in some way.

YIREH (Yir-eh') simply means will provide. It is taken from the phrase Yahweh Yireh in Genesis 22:14. Designer and creator of YIREH, Emily Valdez, has used this as her mantra for the past six years as she traveled around the world. While traveling, she met countless artisans who were very gifted in their craft, but stuck in poverty. Some people were OK with their life the way it was, but others were desperately trying to do all they could to feed their families, and send their children to school. YIREH first started as a small jewelry company. Designer Emily met a young girl named Sumi on the island of Nusa Lembongan with a dream of finishing school. Emily asked if she knew how to make anything and the girl brought out dozens of beaded shell necklaces. Valdez then asked Sumi to make 100 shell necklaces in exchange for payment of one years tuition of schooling. Sumi happily agreed. Emily then went back to her home on Oahu and sold the necklaces to friends and family which paid for her to go back to Indonesia and invest in another like minded opportunity.

     The following year designer Emily met a seamstress family in Indonesia who needed extra money to support their family. Emily drew out some designs and hired different members of the family to help source fabrics, manage pickups, and sew the designs. They received the income they needed and now Emily had to figure out how to sell her designs again. She started out on Etsy and everything sold out almost immediately. She then realized she was onto something. This led to the foundation of what YIREH is today, an outlet to use creativity to inspire, encourage, and empower,  individuals, as well as the wearer of the products created, while also providing fashionable clothing that tells a story. We hope to create full circle movements in communities worldwide.


A full-circle movement can be defined as a cycle that positively impacts everyone it comes into contact with, finishes at it’s starting point, and continuously repeats. Emily hopes to one day have facilities to teach design and business skills, and to offer scholarships to young adults who did not have the finances to continue their education. Thus, using creativity to inspire, encourage, motivate and empower people to do what they love.

Worn by...

A woman who wears YIREH is the essence of freedom. She is confident, a dreamer, takes risk, an adventurer, bold, steps out of her comfort zone, fearless of the future, cherishes relationships, laughs out loud, makes a statement, stands up for what she believes in, knows her worth, inspires others and never stops exploring.